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Psychoanalytic Criticism of A Rose for Emily

Psychoanalytic Criticism of A Rose for Emily A Rose for Emily is a miserable anecdote about a lady who battles with being not able to adapt to the demise of her dad and being a desolate lady. It is broken into 5 areas in which in each part the storyteller moves the perspective. In area 1 the story begins at Miss Emily’s memorial service. The burial service is occurring at her home and numerous individuals come to offer their appreciation and furthermore are interested to see within the house. Nobody had seen within the house other than the attendant for 10 years.Throughout the story we see the battles a lady has with forlornness, misery and even necrophilia. Miss Emily’s character has numerous psychological issues. Her most serious issue that we see her battles with is forswearing. A few times all through the story she battles with the forswearing of large issues. Once in a while it’s the passing of an individual or different occasions it was denying the way that she owed charges. Another battle that she manages is the dread of relinquishment, which that is by all accounts what welcomed on her denial.Growing up her dad was controlling and when her dad passes I think she experiences difficulty managing not having a controlling figure in her life. That is the thing that welcomed on the refusal of her father’s passing. That refusal likewise assumes a job in her necrophilia issue later in the story. The first of Miss Emily’s issue is forswearing. In two or three cases we see that her forswearing is a major issue for her. We first observe her disavowal occur when she happens when the storyteller discusses how she abstained from paying taxes.This appears to be minor now in light of the fact that the town had revealed to her that she owed no expenses, and in actuality that the city owed her cash from her dads advance to the town. The credit was bogus yet when her dad passed she was gone out. Since she was thought of by the town as â €Å" a custom, an obligation and a care† (pg. 148). the town chose to get her out. They didn’t figure she would take noble cause cash so they made up the untruth. At the point when the more youthful individuals began taking once again the town they sent her a letter to cover her duties. She demanded that she didn't owe anything to the town. The pioneers of the town sent a few letters to her yet got no return.Back and forward it went until they chose to go to her home and gather the cash. After a concise conversation she constrained them out of her home with out paying and instructing them to converse with Colonel Sartoris on the grounds that she has no charges in Jefferson. Colonel Sartoris had kicked the bucket by this point however she was ignorant in light of the fact that she wouldn’t leave her home. We see her arrangement with refusal when the demise of her dad comes. The day after he passed on a gathering of women went up to the house to â€Å"offer sympa thies and aid† (pg. 151) and Miss Emily â€Å"met them at the entryway, dressed as common and with no hint of distress all over. † (pg. 51) She denied that her dad was dead. For 3 days individuals went to her home attempting to get her to let them discard the body. What's more, directly as they were going to utilize law and power she permitted them to take the body and burry him. This is the point at which we first signs that she was gong insane. In any case, the storyteller says that they didn’t think she was insane now however â€Å"she needed. † (pg. 151) The third forswearing she faces is the point at which she killed Homer Barron. Her and Homer were seen together on a few events out around. Numerous individuals figured they would wed however then Homer was most recently seen entering her home.The individuals of Jefferson thought he had left town after that since he was gone forever. Toward the end we discover that she had murdered him. His body was ly ing in an upstairs room. The room was set up practically like that of a space for a wedding. Albeit loaded up with dust, the storyteller depicts a room that at one time was designed. Homer’s body was rotted and just the bones were left. There was proof that she would lay adjacent to him around evening time. She murdered him since she was dreadful of deserting. In a manner I think she figured she would consistently have him by executing him at that point leaving his body up steps so she could lay with him until she died.We can take a gander at how she rewarded passing of her dad and Homer as disavowal however it can likewise be taken a gander at, as she dreaded relinquishment also. Growing up her dad was exceptionally exacting with her. She wasn’t permitted to date any man. Her dad was incredibly controlling over pretty much all aspects of her life. So when her dad passed she didn’t need to let it be known to herself since he was all she had concerning as close f amily goes. I think she required that controlling figure in her life. It’s clear that she enjoyed Homer and perhaps she was frightened he would leave her so she slaughtered him. By doing that she would have him forever.Her love for Homer may have come because of the way that she resembled her father. Despite the fact that her father was controlling of her she had adored him beyond a reasonable doubt. She was yearning for that controlling figure and that is the reason she succumbed to Homer. The storyteller portrays him as a â€Å"mans man†. (pg 152) His controlling propensities were clear when he was seen cussing at the individuals he was over grinding away. All through this story we see Miss Emily battle with the inward evil presences of disavowal and dread of deserting. I figure Faulkner works admirably by indicating how there is a psychological effect of somebody experiencing childhood in a controlling domain.

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Scott began an original discussion inside the talk network with his article, â€Å"On Viewing Rhetoric as Epistemic. † His contention †talk is epistemic †has been broke down as well as reprimanded by numerous researchers. Scott himself lined up in 1976 with an article titled, â€Å"On Viewing Rhetoric as Epistemic: Ten Years Later† so as to address a portion of these worries, and add to his unique musings. Regardless of this development, writers despite everything proceed condemn and guard his work.This article will concentrate on three reactions specifically, each concentrating on an alternate part of Coot's contention, so as to demonstrate that talk is in certainty epistemic. To begin with, Brunette's, Three Meanings of Epistemic Rhetoric (1979) will look at three potential implications and ramifications of Coot's case. Second, Harping's What Do You Mean, Rhetoric is Epistemic? (2004) will focus on the discussion among Scott and Cheerier and Haskins, charact erizing the places of each.Finally, Banshee's The Cartesian Anxiety in Epistemic Rhetoric: An Assessment of the Literature (1990) will address four key situations inside the discussion, and unite them with his Bernstein expression, â€Å"Cartesian Anxiety. From these reactions it will turn out to be certain that while numerous researchers concur that talk is epistemic, their definitions perspectives despite everything fluctuate. Prior to Jumping into the reactions of different researchers, it is likely worth looking at Coot's own reaction, particularly since it originates before the expositions destined to be examined.In this paper, Scott endeavors to address three inquiries: â€Å"Is there one method of knowing or many? What kind of knowing does talk endeavor to accomplish? Is logical relativism horrendous? † (1976, 259). He expresses that there are numerous methods of knowing, underlining the lyricist idea of Ways of knowing. ‘ He accepts that talk ought to endeavor to accomplish a fact, or a concurred social development (later it will become evident that this aspect of his contention is the one starting the most debate).Finally, he endeavors to scatter the positivist contention against him, that explanatory relativism is horrible. This prompts some more profound conversation on the idea of emotional information, of which his characterizing contention is by all accounts: â€Å"Relativism, apparently, implies a standard-less society, or if nothing else a labyrinth of contrasting gauges, and along these lines a dissonance f different, and likely childish interests.Rather than a standard-less society, which is equivalent to stating no general public by any means, relativism shows conditions in which guidelines must be set up helpfully and recharged over and over' (1976, 264) Brume looks to present what he regards to be the three winning ways of thinking on epistemology. The first is what is viewed as the positivist view, which is basically that t here is a fact out there, and that individuals are either right or off-base about what they believe is valid. He underscores that talk is the way to arriving at that truth.The second is the exemplary interpretive methodology, that various gatherings have various real factors, and there information inside them. This implies inside a gathering, somebody can not be right, in spite of the fact that that doesn't really mean they're off-base in all gatherings. At last, he tends to the view that the world is excessively confounded for people to comprehend, which is confirm by our need to characterize and name everything. Harping center around characterizing terms, as he considers this to be the most basic advance in characterizing up to this point as epistemic.Specially, he looks at the idea of â€Å"certainty' and the ramifications of different definitions and perspectives. Next he analyzes the term â€Å"rhetoric,† whose definitions has suggestions in this discussion, yet for all explanatory hypothesis. Here he tends to the upsides and downsides of characterizing talk in a wide or explicit sense. At last, Harping looks at Justification, and how different researcher use legitimization inside the domain of epistemology. Bingham thinks about four situations inside ‘rhetoric as epistemic' writing.

Managerial Accounting Anaya Ethnic Food Restaurant

Question: Depict about the Market investigation of Anaya ethnic food café? Answer: Presentation Introductory proclamation of speculator and money related financial specialist is beginning an ethnic food café organization graph. It is a legitimate unveiled if the Anaya ethnic food eatery. The eatery planned to set business desire and productivity of the undertaking. Anaya decide an energizing café; combine a proficient domain with extraordinary and energizing food. The activity of the café is to have more prominent food assortment, efficient and better office in light of the fact that the client satisfaction is main role of the business. Anaya will be the café of all kind of client. Anaya will be the inclination for middle age and grown-up individuals, couples and singles, adolescent and matured, male and female. It will be a finished family eatery. Worker government assistance, preparing of the staff and investment are equally significant for an effective business. Each worker is dealt with decently and with the best regard. For the accomplishment of Anaya Ethnic food café, the representative will feel a piece of this achievement (Archer and D'Ambrosio, 1983). The café idea joins assortment, diversion, and climate and better-quality stuff to create insight of spot so as to accomplish the desire of the marketable strategy. The café offers reasonable benefit for the financial specialists and proprietor of the eatery and a compensating framework for better execution of the workers. The financial specialist will pick the ethnic food eatery since it is a novel kind of food café (Ardagna and Lusardi, 2009). Individuals consistently need to have a go at something new sort of diversion and food is an essential vital thing to satisfy the appetite. Around here, all sort of client will come. This arrangement of action is the development of a selective, and creative eating condition will make a qualification from different business and furthermore for rivalry. That is the reason the financial specialist or proprietor picks this arrangement of action. Market examination of Anaya ethnic food eatery The market examination perceived the ensuing info property as zone of opportunity to arrangement for café clients: Segment: Nearly 95% of studys point of convergence is bunch embraces having a choice of divergent size segment. This examination is masterminded by the table help administrator audit. The portin determination study is making to offer different size bits. The client needs more alternative to pick the taste fulfillment (Bragg, 2013). Menu assortment: ethnic cafés are developing in Sidney. The blast of worldwide food books, magazine, and TV cooking show is changing the testing binge of clients. In an obvious certainty, eating places give redesign as ethnic organizations that numbered almost 78000 of every 1999 and recorded deals of 30.5 billion. The eating experience: it demonstrates the inside design, lighting, and previous alternative to build up the feasting information and it is a significant factor in client decision. Anaya catch this whole factor into thought to plan of this café. Sensible cost: despite the fact that the entire eatery industry has been the expansion in 2002/2003, clients are requesting cost for their eating dollar. Anaya's menu is estimated at a moderate level, with no access in overabundance of A$20 (Droms and Wright, 2010). Anaya ethnic food eatery is resolved to oblige on huge client base. Anaya wishes that the entirety of the representative feels welcoming and engaged. For statistical surveying Anaya partition the customer by division. It adds to business development outcrop. The representative Couples The goal client Top of the line singles Vacationers This market portion has deposable pay, chic and loosening up café decision. These sort of individuals who rehashed others café and bars in the area (Garrison and Noreen, 1997). They are relied upon to exhaust more on understanding they take in as selective, agreeable and modern. The client are additionally having a go at something new, food savvy. Market Analysis Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Potential Customers Development Agent 18% 9,925 10,223 11,348 Couples 32% 17,645 18,527 20,565 Sightseers 13% 7,168 7,311 7,896 The Destination Customer 8% 4,411 4,499 4,724 Top of the line Singles 29% 15,991 16,950 18,815 Complete 5.76% 55,140 57,510 63,348 Market area of Anaya ethnic food eatery Sidney is the site chosen for Anaya ethnic food eatery business idea. The viewpoint of Sidney is dynamic and most dynamic advancement territory of Australia. It is a created city so this is an open door for the endeavor (Horngren, 1982). Rivalry in the market of Anaya Ethnic café is a novel kind of business so; there are less rivals in the market. The contenders incorporate Zaika, Evlline, Dinner center, and so forth. Nature of the café is varying from the other eatery. Menu of the eatery is particular and one of a kind. In this eatery, all sort client is agreeable. Anaya is a complimentary blending of global cooking on a solitary rundown (Horngren and Bhimani, 2008). The wellspring of income will be liquor and bar deals. Anaya has this offices and furthermore have outlandish beverages on the different menu. The menu evaluating is moderate it is another high purpose of Anaya. The impact of money related choice on the business Anaya have establishment expense on the food business and reasonable useful information with equal endeavor. The financial model is taken from the business idea to plane for the most awful however direct generally advantageous. The primary year deals volume is under normal, seat turn is under normal, and food cost is better than expected. This circumstance will assist with ensuring sufficient budgetary wanting to contain a viable increase time, and business achievement, additionally ensure that the organization don't whole endeavor undercapitalized (Michalos and Poff, 2013). The money related situation of the organization will assist with arriving at achievement of the organization. 1. Start up Cost Analysis Start up cost are predominantly expensed utensils, furniture, reproductions, fire up work, painting, lease, permit to operate and lawful cost, conversation cost associated with opening for a café. Toward the start of industry A$,97000 will be paid for business activity. This is a generous beginning up gauge dependent on advertise examination (Osburg and Schmidpeter, 2013). Anaya will pay for the accompanying A$73311 of current resources during fire up the organization: Apparatus and lighting: A$32250 Bar gear: A$26183 Sound and TVs: A$8378 Office gear: A$65000 The proprietor of the eatery is executing A$110000 of capital and A$300000 credit insurance. Anaya got an A$130000 thousand for re-foundation of building, subordinate after situating in the anticipated space. Anaya financial specialist is looking for A$200000 of value dare to support Anayas fire up cost completely. Start-up Requirements Start-up Expenses Undertaking MANAGEMENT $0 Eatery Consultant (4 months) $15,911 Plan $0 Structural Design $2,195 Basic Plumbing Design $1,368 Mechanical Electrical Design $2,155 Visual communication $1,185 Electrical Structural Engineering Fees $2,592 Plan Consultants (Kitchen, Interior Dining) $9,119 Specialist Architect Fees $7,040 Development $0 Plumbing $33,244 Central (Air Return, Air Ducts, and so forth.) $19,250 Electrical $7,964 Removal Demolition $4,122 Basic Construction (4 Months General Labor) $52,099 Veneer (Exterior Construction) $3,092 Mortar (Dry Wall) $2,061 Factory Metal Work $8,244 Inside Finishes (2500 - 3000 sq. ft.) $14,538 Ground surface $14,622 Alarm System $3,092 Security Phone System $4,615 Gear $0 Alcohol Control System - Lease $0 Stools, Chairs, Tables, Uniforms $38,025 POS (Point of Sale System) - Lease $0 Dish sets, Flatware, Small product (Bar Lounge) $3,298 Dish sets, Flatware, Small product Supplies (FOH) $8,298 Dishwasher, Ice Glass washer - Lease $0 Kitchen Equipment Freight Fees $2,389 FFE (Taxes on Purchase) $7,988 OPERATIONAL $0 Promoted Legal Fees (LLC, Investor Agreements) $7,080 Programming: Restaurant/Inventory $5,500 Programming: Cost Control $6,000 Effect, Tap Permit Fees $3,115 Permit to operate Temp Certificate of Occ. $1,615 Alcohol Licenses $4,615 Utilities, Disposal, Tax Insurance $9,275 Security Deposits (Phone/Elec/Gas/Water) $6,250 Beginning Lease Deposits $6,250 Bank Loan Closing Costs $6,250 Site Construction $5,800 Beginning Marketing, Training PR $19,550 Research Development $3,050 Start-Up Salary (Mngt Chefs) $58,050 Selecting (Staff) $14,550 Investigations $750 Introductory Cleaning Services $1,000 All out Start-up Expenses $427,209 Start-up Assets Money Required $97,099 Start-up Inventory $27,500 Other Current Assets $73,311 Long haul Assets $65,000 All out Assets $262,910 All out Requirements $690,119 misfortune at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) ($427,209) All out Capital $12,791

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Spanish Inquisition Essay Research Paper Over the free essay sample

Spanish Inquisition Essay, Research Paper Over the mature ages ever, there have been numerous considerable executings that were brought about by the feature of various religions and races. Timespan after period there have been numerous pioneers who lashed out onto others on account of what they trusted in. These episodes have neer been overlooked ; one extremely sick acclaimed one would be the Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish Inquisition was begun to # 8220 ; wash down # 8221 ; the Church of skeptics and sublimate Spain. They executed Jews, Muslims, and different minorities non of Christian religion. Ferdinand and Isabella were in Crown of Spain and designated the Church to get down the Spanish Inquisition. These occasions will be examined in the fallowing paper. Isabella guaranteed at whatever point she arrives at the position of authority she would offer herself to the termination and abuse of the Jews. The person who made her guarantee this did non perceive that she would ever make the position of royalty. We will compose a custom paper test on Spanish Inquisition Essay Research Paper Over the or on the other hand any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page At the point when she was sovereign she did what she guaranteed and washed down Spain of doubters. She selected the central investigative specialist, Thomas of Torquemada. Thomas was the 1 who had Isabella pledge that she would sublimate Spain. Other than her pledge, she previously needed # 8220 ; one state, one swayer, one confidence. # 8221 ; ( Slade, 1996 ) The Inquisition executed Jews and Muslims. Be that as it may, even the 1s who changed over to Christianity or brought into the world Christian were tormented in the event that they used to be of another religion or on the off chance that it could be followed back in their underlying foundations. The 1s who had the Judaic blood, or of some other religion and were brought into the world Christian , were tormented all the more gravely. The blamed was non permitted to hold a lawyer or promoter for their barrier. They tormented individuals to determine admissions. The congregation dealt with all admissions, all things considered could non witness the gore that they caused to procure the charged to screech. All punishments were differ physical two of the most sick renowned were the strapado and aselli. The strapado, aiming square, was a gadget consolidating ropes to lash a person down from their weaponries and legs and loads were appended on the ropes. The individual would be raised and their natural structure would extend doing mass aggregates of harming and now and again prompt perish. The aselli was a H2O torment. An individual would rests and be suffocated celerity until it appeared as though their venas would explode. Blending to the Church # 8217 ; s statute: if an anguish was halted so you could non get down it again with a similar individual yet an interference could be taken. When an individual admits the Spanish felt unadulterated and persuaded that the anguish was flagitious bounty, thus the individual would be sentence to expire. A condemned expire was completed as the charged is tossed into a fire which they called vehicle de fe ( demonstration of religion ) . ( Slade, 1996 ) However, on the off chance that one kicked the bucket in the penitentiaries, the Spanish felt un-unadulterated and felt the interest to toss that people family unit in the fire each piece great. The Spanish Inquisition, raised by biass and ravenousness, went on great longer so the rule of Isabella. It went on for 330 mature ages. About a large portion of a million people were singed simply as a result of their convictions.

Argumentative Essay Topics About Professional Athlete Salaries and Contracts

Argumentative Essay Topics About Professional Athlete Salaries and ContractsArgumentative essay topics about professional athlete salaries and contracts can be tricky. I know because I have written a number of these myself. If you are working with someone who does not understand this, I suggest you do not engage them in conversation about it; even if you believe you are on the same page on the topic, as a professional writer, you can never be sure.You must be clear on one thing: this is not an academic debate on the relative merits of specific professional sports organizations or players. If you try to get into such a discussion, they will discredit your entire argument and call you out on every fact in your body of work and anyone else's work that you read on the topic. In writing, there is no room for being emotionally involved. It is just not healthy.The most important point I am going to make in this article is that you cannot engage in a debate on the topic of professional athle te salaries and contracts without also making a case for or against the players themselves. You cannot turn a seemingly logical argument about their salaries into a personal one about what you think about the individual. There is always going to be a division of opinion. This is simply a fact of life and it is to be expected. It is what it is.Arguing about professional athlete salaries and contracts without first discussing the players themselves is a huge mistake. If you begin to discuss some of the negative points about these players without first examining what they bring to the team, you are just setting yourself up for the same argumentation trap that you avoided when you tried to turn a salary debate into a personal one. If you want to avoid this, you need to sit down and talk to a professional writer about writing an argumentative essay that covers these topics.With the discussion that I have just discussed, I am not advocating for the hiring of any of the professional athlet es. It is more about analyzing the difference between the arguments over salaries and contracts and the argument that professional athletes create and how to avoid their arguments and change them into something else. Simply put, these athletes use their own reputation as well as their own popularity to jump to the front of the line for pay raises and better contracts.Some argue that the players are greedy and are unwilling to give up the money they are earning and others claim they are self-centered and greedy. I am not going to discuss what these types of arguments mean in this context. Simply put, players have inflated salaries that they earn solely on the talent and skill that they have and on the work of other players.Other players seek to increase their player's value so that they can receive larger contracts or bigger bonuses. These players will try to bring down the value of the team. If you ignore their attempts to make the team less valuable, they may strike.Even though pro fessional athletes will tell you that their salaries are not as large as they would like them to be, they will sometimes get greedy and demand a much larger raise than the player's worth would warrant. They will make your team look bad and if you fail to keep their performance at a high level, you can lose their loyalty. They will use their skills and fame to get their way and if you have the chance to teach them a lesson in public, this is it. Ignoring this type of behavior of other players is simply not worth it.

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My Career Paths - Free Essay Example

The first profession path that I have chosen is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The job begins at the lowest level depending on the qualification, mostly at entry level as a staff accountant. The task in this job is to analyze financial information, prepare and maintain assets record, profit and loss accounts, debt and tax liability. The long-term job goal is to become a CPA specialist. In this job, one may from time to time have to travel to different firms to audit. The person is expected to work either at home, in an office or travel to different firm’s location. The job fits me because it goes hand in hand with what I like most. Dealing and working with data, it follows set schedules and routine. The position also has a lot of demand, and I love to work independently. For a private company, I would expect a beginning salary of about $45k and $46k for a public company. Then end the job when I am earning $100k (Robert, 2018). From the job market outlook in the next decade jobs in this path are expected to rise by 17.6 percent. To qualify for this, you must have passed all the CPA examinations, have a degree in any CPA related course and must have passed the ethics course. (EDD, 2018). This career path requires one to keep the CPA active and must pass all the career credential requirements. The career gives you options to work in various fields such as government, public and private fields. The job gives me the chance to make good money, it is a stable job, it has a high job demand, I get to become my boss, and there is the chance always to learn new types of businesses. From the above reasons, I would rate my job to be the best, perfectly fit for me. The second career path is Forensic Accounting. The job begins at the lowest level depending on the qualification, mostly at entry level as a staff accountant. The task in this job is to analyze financial information, prepare and maintain assets record, profit and loss accounts and debt and tax liability. The long-term job goal is to become a Forensic Accounting specialist. Here, one does the job by investigating from its beginning. The working conditions here are expected to be more sensitive and deal with a lot of sittings and use of creativity and analysis. (CVTips, 2018). Forensic Accounting would be my dream job because it deals with the tracing of money, which is one of my characteristics. I can quickly identify embezzlement and have an analytical mind that helps me make the right decisions. I plan to have a beginning salary of about $45k and $46k for a public company. Analyzing Forensic accounting from the job market outlook view, it is one of the worlds most prominent professions. Qualifications are a degree in accounting and CPA certificate which are mandatory. Having a certificate in; Certified Fraud Examiner or Certified Forensic accountant. The career gives you options to work in various fields such as government, public and private fields. (Robert, 2018). The job is good. It comes with several advantages including the fact that it gives me good money, gives me the opportunity to catch bad guys and become fraud expertise.

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Essay on the Women of Young Goodman Brown, The Birthmark,...

The Women of Young Goodman Brown, The Birthmark, and Rappaccini’s Daughter In his short stories, Young Goodman Brown, The Birthmark, and Rappaccinià ¢s Daughter, Nathaniel Hawthorne uses his female characters to illustrate the folly of demanding perfection in the flawed world of humanity. Although Hawthorneà ¢s women appear to have dangerous aspects, they are true of heart, and thus, they cannot be fully possessed by the corrupt men who seek to control them. Hawthorne endows each of his heroines with both light and dark elements. Although each one is inherently pure, none of these women are entirely free from the accusations leveled by the men in their lives. In Young Goodman Brown, Hawthorne presents Faith as the ideal†¦show more content†¦Finally, Goodman Brown arrives at the initiation ceremony only to be confronted by the image of his wife at the unholy altar. Although Hawthorne never offers any true evidence that Goodman Brownà ¢s experience in the woods was anything more than a dream or hallucination, the Puritan passes judgment on Faith, and forever doubts her goodness. By allowing his audience to internally assess Faithà ¢s guilt or innocence, Hawthorne forces his reader into a role of complicity with Goodman Brown (McFarland 37). Thus, Hawthorne has created a troubling character with both light and dark facets. Hawthorne achieves this same task in the character of Georgiana in The Birthmark. Georgiana, too, is presented as an ideal specimen of womanhood. She is beautiful, intelligent, and devoted to her husband, the alchemist, Aylmer. She would be absolute perfection, except for one flaw: a birthmark in the shape of a fairy-sized handprint on her left cheek. While those who love Georgiana attest that the mark is a symbol of the magic endowments that were to give her such sway over all hearts, Aylmer and her detractors regard it as a bloody hand that belies his wifeà ¢s liability to sin, sorrow, decay, and death (Hawthorne, The Birthmark 119-20). Hawthorne continues to impart Aylmerà ¢s inner feelings of shock and horror over Georgianaà ¢s single physical flaw, gradually leading his audience to share his disgust for the dreadfulShow MoreRelatedTragic flaw in Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Birthmark† Essay1201 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ An expository essay: Tragic flaw in Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Birthmark† In literature a tragic flaw refers in plain words when the main character ends up dead or defeated a characteristic feature of the heroes of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short stories, â€Å"Young Goodman Brown,† â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil†, and â€Å"The Birthmark†. However this concept is even more extensive and best explained in terms of â€Å"Hamartia†. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica that word can be understood as an inherent defect