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My Career Paths - Free Essay Example

The first profession path that I have chosen is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The job begins at the lowest level depending on the qualification, mostly at entry level as a staff accountant. The task in this job is to analyze financial information, prepare and maintain assets record, profit and loss accounts, debt and tax liability. The long-term job goal is to become a CPA specialist. In this job, one may from time to time have to travel to different firms to audit. The person is expected to work either at home, in an office or travel to different firm’s location. The job fits me because it goes hand in hand with what I like most. Dealing and working with data, it follows set schedules and routine. The position also has a lot of demand, and I love to work independently. For a private company, I would expect a beginning salary of about $45k and $46k for a public company. Then end the job when I am earning $100k (Robert, 2018). From the job market outlook in the next decade jobs in this path are expected to rise by 17.6 percent. To qualify for this, you must have passed all the CPA examinations, have a degree in any CPA related course and must have passed the ethics course. (EDD, 2018). This career path requires one to keep the CPA active and must pass all the career credential requirements. The career gives you options to work in various fields such as government, public and private fields. The job gives me the chance to make good money, it is a stable job, it has a high job demand, I get to become my boss, and there is the chance always to learn new types of businesses. From the above reasons, I would rate my job to be the best, perfectly fit for me. The second career path is Forensic Accounting. The job begins at the lowest level depending on the qualification, mostly at entry level as a staff accountant. The task in this job is to analyze financial information, prepare and maintain assets record, profit and loss accounts and debt and tax liability. The long-term job goal is to become a Forensic Accounting specialist. Here, one does the job by investigating from its beginning. The working conditions here are expected to be more sensitive and deal with a lot of sittings and use of creativity and analysis. (CVTips, 2018). Forensic Accounting would be my dream job because it deals with the tracing of money, which is one of my characteristics. I can quickly identify embezzlement and have an analytical mind that helps me make the right decisions. I plan to have a beginning salary of about $45k and $46k for a public company. Analyzing Forensic accounting from the job market outlook view, it is one of the worlds most prominent professions. Qualifications are a degree in accounting and CPA certificate which are mandatory. Having a certificate in; Certified Fraud Examiner or Certified Forensic accountant. The career gives you options to work in various fields such as government, public and private fields. (Robert, 2018). The job is good. It comes with several advantages including the fact that it gives me good money, gives me the opportunity to catch bad guys and become fraud expertise.

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Essay on the Women of Young Goodman Brown, The Birthmark,...

The Women of Young Goodman Brown, The Birthmark, and Rappaccini’s Daughter In his short stories, Young Goodman Brown, The Birthmark, and Rappaccinià ¢s Daughter, Nathaniel Hawthorne uses his female characters to illustrate the folly of demanding perfection in the flawed world of humanity. Although Hawthorneà ¢s women appear to have dangerous aspects, they are true of heart, and thus, they cannot be fully possessed by the corrupt men who seek to control them. Hawthorne endows each of his heroines with both light and dark elements. Although each one is inherently pure, none of these women are entirely free from the accusations leveled by the men in their lives. In Young Goodman Brown, Hawthorne presents Faith as the ideal†¦show more content†¦Finally, Goodman Brown arrives at the initiation ceremony only to be confronted by the image of his wife at the unholy altar. Although Hawthorne never offers any true evidence that Goodman Brownà ¢s experience in the woods was anything more than a dream or hallucination, the Puritan passes judgment on Faith, and forever doubts her goodness. By allowing his audience to internally assess Faithà ¢s guilt or innocence, Hawthorne forces his reader into a role of complicity with Goodman Brown (McFarland 37). Thus, Hawthorne has created a troubling character with both light and dark facets. Hawthorne achieves this same task in the character of Georgiana in The Birthmark. Georgiana, too, is presented as an ideal specimen of womanhood. She is beautiful, intelligent, and devoted to her husband, the alchemist, Aylmer. She would be absolute perfection, except for one flaw: a birthmark in the shape of a fairy-sized handprint on her left cheek. While those who love Georgiana attest that the mark is a symbol of the magic endowments that were to give her such sway over all hearts, Aylmer and her detractors regard it as a bloody hand that belies his wifeà ¢s liability to sin, sorrow, decay, and death (Hawthorne, The Birthmark 119-20). Hawthorne continues to impart Aylmerà ¢s inner feelings of shock and horror over Georgianaà ¢s single physical flaw, gradually leading his audience to share his disgust for the dreadfulShow MoreRelatedTragic flaw in Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Birthmark† Essay1201 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ An expository essay: Tragic flaw in Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Birthmark† In literature a tragic flaw refers in plain words when the main character ends up dead or defeated a characteristic feature of the heroes of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short stories, â€Å"Young Goodman Brown,† â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil†, and â€Å"The Birthmark†. However this concept is even more extensive and best explained in terms of â€Å"Hamartia†. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica that word can be understood as an inherent defect

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Listing of the Worlds Longest Rivers

This following is a list of the 10 longest rivers in the world, according to the Times Atlas of the World. Only 111 miles apart, the Nile River in Africa is the longest river in the world in comparison to its runner-up, the Amazon River, located in South America. Discover some key facts about each river and their residence country, along with its length in miles and kilometers. 1. Nile River, Africa 4,160 miles; 6,695 kmThis international river has a drainage basin that extends to 11 countries from Tanzania to Eritrea, proving water as a core resource to countries like Egypt and Sudan. 2. Amazon River, South America 4,049 miles; 6,516 kmKnown as the second longest river, The Amazon River starts in North Eastern Brazil and is the only river with the largest amount of water flowing through it at any moment in time. 3. Yangtze River, Asia 3,964 miles; 6,380 kmRecognized as the third longest river in the world and the longest one in Asia, this rivers name translates to child of the ocean.   4. Mississippi-Missouri River System, North America 3,709 miles; 5,969 kmThe Missouri River is, hydrologically, the upstream continuation of the Mississippi River as the Missouri River carries more water than the Mississippi River at the confluence of the two rivers. 5. Ob-Irtysh Rivers, Asia 3,459 miles; 5,568 kmThis river consists of the Ob, which is the primary river that connects to the Irtysh River and flows through Russia. For half of the year, the river is frozen. 6. Yenisey-Angara-Selenga Rivers, Asia 3,448 miles; 5550 kmThis is the river of central Russia and one of the several longest rivers in Asia.  Despite being short, it has 1.5x more flow than the Mississippi-Missouri river. 7. Huang He (Yellow River), Asia 3,395 miles; 5,464 kmOften called the cradle of Chinese civilization, the Huang He River is Chinas second longest river.  Unfortunately, the government in China has claimed that the rivers water is so polluted and full of waste that people are unable to drink it. In fact, it is believed that at least 30% of fish species have become entirely extinct. 8. Congo River, Africa 2,900 miles; 4,667 kmThe primary means of transportation in Central Florida, the river creates over 9,000 miles of shipping routes that transport everyday goods.  This river is home to the highest amount of unique species in the world and is the deepest river in the world. 9. Rio de la Plata-Parana, South America 2,796 miles; 4,500 kmThe Rio de la Plata river starts at the beginning of the Uruguay and Panama Rivers. This is a very important economic resource for countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, as the estuary is the core fishing ground from the area and acts as the main water resource.   10. Mekong River, Asia 2,749 miles; 4,425 kmLocated in Southeast Asia, the Mekong River travels through Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the South China Sea.  It is the main hub for culture and transportation for Vietnamese villagers, as business owners create floating markets where they sell various goods such as fish, candy fruits, and vegetables.

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Cell Phone Addiction Essay - 990 Words

Although seen as normal in modern day civilization, cell phones are being relied on more by everyone and destroying society and the education of those in school. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a cell phone is a wireless portable communication device, but phones are seen as more of an answer to every problem rather than just a communicating device. Cell-phones are the center of todays society, they are relied on for everything from finding the answer to a simple question, to finding the definition of a word. Cell phones are seen as an object almost everyone has one, leaving everyone to rely on them. The age at which a child receives a phone continues to get lower, stunting the brains learning ability. This addiction needs to be†¦show more content†¦Personal lives have been greatly affected by the increase of technology; cyber bullying and other factors have tormented and emotionally scarred children some have even taken their own life because of things said on socia l media and parents never saw a single sign. People have been so much more addicted to entertainment and a screen than such things as working hard in school or fixing relationships. Cell phones are owned by as much to 88% of people(Smith 2). Parents see less and fewer signs of abuse of cell-phone use in their teens and can’t help them if something is wrong. Middle schoolers who are cyberbullied are up to two times as likely to commit suicide.(Luxton 2). This just shows that technology can be abused and ruin someones life. Other teens get barely any sleep and this affects school grades and sometimes leads to addiction to medication.Most of the youth survives on barely three to four hours of sleep a night (Fifield 1). Others can get addicted to medication to stay awake.Cell-phones are very beneficial in some cases but most of the time they come with serious consequences. If we allow this problem to continue further generations will continue to increase addiction and reliability to technology. Soon enough the world will no t know anything sentimental but rather just know their screens. Everyone will use medication to stay awake and abuse their bodies justShow MoreRelatedAn essay on cell phone addiction.1227 Words   |  5 PagesCell Phones: Addicting or Not? Are we addicted to our cell phones? This is a common question that has arisen in the past several years as our phone technology and capabilities continue to increase. According to recent statistics, 85% of the U.S. population are cell phone users (Chen).We Americans use our cell phones to do just about everything. We talk, text, check our E-mail, surf the Internet, and interact in social networking, all on our phones. Because our phones have become so resourceful toRead MoreCell Phone Addiction Essay1429 Words   |  6 PagesThe cell phone has become a centerpiece of everyday life as cell phones are evolving and have been increasing their functionalities. Today, we use them today for many others reasons than what cell phones were originally designed to do. People are using them so often that they are becoming dependent on their phones that they have even become addicted to them. Those who are addicted to their cell phones struggle to stay away from them for a certain period of time and become so indulged in all of theRead MoreCell Phone Addiction Essay1897 Words   |  8 Pagesof technology has been rapidly increasing since the 1900s. When the cell phone was invented in the 1970s, nobody could have imagined how far they have come. What was once a luxury item is now an item that is rare to not have. With the widespread usage of cell phones comes the problem of addiction. The issue has become so bad scientists have keyed the term â€Å"nomophobia† as the fear of being out of reach of your mobile cell phone and the Internet. The world has slowly became more of an online worldRead MoreArticle Analysis : Cell Phone Use While Walking Across Campus1075 Words   |  5 PagesArticle analysis of Cell Phone Use While Walking Across Campus: An Observation and Survey. An analysis by Morgan Penrose. This essay will identify and summarise the article Cell Phone Use While Walking Across Campus: An Observation and Survey written by Tessa Jones and published by Elon Journal in 2014. It will also discuss the depth of the article by looking at key elements of the essay such as statistics, references, as well as whether or not the essay provides an in-depth analysis of the subjectRead MoreTv Addiction822 Words   |  4 PagesIn her essay, Tv Addiction, Marie Winn compares television addiction to other harmful habits, and tries to convince the reader that heavy television viewing is as harmful as drug and alcohol, and it should not be viewed differently than other serious addictions. In fact, the most important factor that backs up her argument is her simplified definition for the word addiction, which is a tendency to overindulge in some pleasurable activity. (608) However, thinking logically, we could seeRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effects On Society888 Words   |  4 PagesCell phones are one of the numerous technologies that have changed our lives in astounding ways. Similar to any external stimuli, cell phone usage can form an addiction that negatively impacts your life. Two covers for The New Yorker, â€Å"Unmasked† and â€Å"Sweet Nothings† convey the same message of cell phone addiction distracting people from living in the present moment and enjoying their lives. â€Å"Unmasked† depicts parents taking their children trick-or-treating, which would normally be an enjoyable momentRead MoreAddiction For Cell Phone Addiction1293 Words   |  6 PagesCell phone Addiction is a devastating and pervasive issue in the whole world. â€Å"90% of U.S citizens own a cell phone.†(psychguides) Cell phones are majorly improving causing people to enjoy them more which results in them using the cell phone to much. â€Å"67% people admitted to checking their phone even when it didn’t vibrate or ring. â€Å"(Psychguides) This is called phantom vibration syndrome. â€Å"9 out of 10 people have phantom phone syndrome.†(WebMD) I have it and you most likely do too. Some symptomsRead MoreOur Distracted Culture : What Was It?1643 Words   |  7 Pageshaving a tumor called a gadget with apps to play on. Mike Masterson, a columnist for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, in his editorial essay, â€Å"Our Distracted Culture: What Was That?† directly focuses on how this generation is immensely affected by the growth of technology. Masterson goes into depth on how our culture is addicted to devices, specifically cell phones, that correlates with social media and how it affects relationships and everyday life. He claims, The harsh truth is we Americans haveRead MoreThe Social Impact of Cell Phones Essay1465 Words   |  6 Pagesclosest thing to â€Å"cellular technology† was a car phone made by the ATA Company but, Martin and his determined Motorola group yearned higher heights and deeper depths for communication- and thus the birth of the first cell phone was in process. Cooper wanted to exceed the limitations of just simple â€Å"car conversation†. After consistent tedious hours of production, lasting a several month long period of building, critiquing, and finalizing , the first cell phone was born. The first mobile device was the sizeRead MoreDiscuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Subjective Test for Criminal Recklessness, as Used in the Case1294 Words   |  6 PagesDiscuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the subjective test for Criminal Recklessness, as used in the case of G and R (2003) This essay will briefly discuss the meaning of criminal recklessness within the criminal law and the types of recklessness, and see what the current law states today. The essay will examine the advantages and disadvantages of using the subjective test (which is currently known today as Cunningham recklessness) regarding criminal recklessness which was used in the

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Tackling Environmental Problems Today Is More Difficult

With the world forever changing politicians are chosen by the populace to make decisions based on the needs of the people. Current political gridlock in this nation has made it extremely difficult to pass legislation pertain to the economy, workforce and health. While these items are discussed daily by political pundits one issue that equally important is usually placed on the backburner due to political posturing the health of the planet. â€Å"Tackling environmental problems today is more difficult because the nature of the problems has changed: where such problems were once primarily scientific and technocratic in nature, they are now almost exclusively problems of politics†. (Turin) This posturing has become a major issue for society and could lead to dire consequences in the future. It is time for us to come together and address the issues of political influence, in order for us to have a meaningful conversation we must discussion the influence of special interest groups, understand how politicians manipulate and use false authority to push agendas and also discover the importance of citizen involvement. Lobbyists for special interest are hired to attempt â€Å"to try to convince congressional committee members to act in their favor on issues that were important to them†. (Wright, 45) This tactic is used on the state, local and federal levels of government, while not all lobbyist fight for causes that maybe harmful to the environment. Some special interest groups are designedShow MoreRelatedNuclear Power in Australia’s Energy Future Essays1099 Words   |  5 Pagesenergy generation. This subject is largely controversial as it has many pros and cons. It is considered to be a more eco-friendly alternative source of electricity, as it emits less carbon emissions than coal-fired power stations, for example. Yet there still an environmental risk provided by the radio-active waste and its inability to be disposed of for 100,000 years (Phillips, 2012). Today in Australia there are no active nuclear power plants but that is predicted to change in the future with theRead MoreSt ress and Eustress: Adult Nurse and Mental Health Nursing1535 Words   |  6 Pagesemotional, cognitive, behaviour and physical. So distress is more important than eustress in some jobs such as adult nurse and mental health nursing. Freud’s (1856-1939), he state that, conscious ‘current thoughts’ is that the mind is also considered in stress and it is untangible and scientific. The relevance of this is the environmental factors of stressors according to Cardwell and Flannagan (2005). These are events, experiences or environmental stimuli that causes stress to an individual, such asRead MoreAnalysis : Kirsi Frames That Sustainability Is Fuzzy And Wide Concept1620 Words   |  7 Pagesdiscussion. According to the holistic approach for environmental ethics ecosystems and biosphere as a whole should be considered, not individual’s rights. We also discuss how certain factors like Innovation, , Ethically in production and CSR, Ethical consumption, Future oriented thinking and collaboration with customers and Animal Ethics and Luxury can initiate new business strategies, while consumers are more than ever interested on environmental values. Even though ethical consideration might beRead MoreRunning A Business Is A Challenge1494 Words   |  6 Pagesa challenge. There is day to day tasks that need to be completed. There are also other companies that are competing against each other. Bringing new ideas to the table can be difficult as well. Using the brainstorming methods, will help get through solving a problem much easier. The best approach to solving business problems is to bring several people together for a brainstorming session (Sessions 10). The theory of brainstorming is that the analytical left brain is turned off, and then turn on theRead MoreClimate Change Is A Multi Dimensional Phenomena Essay1655 Words   |  7 Pagess atmosphere that is caused by the increase of particular gases, especially carbon dioxide.Although there is much dissent about the causes of climate change, most people agree that humans are the main reason of this global trouble. Resolving this problem is not an easy task, and is almost impossible to do so without integrated global cooperation. Yet governments around the world refuse to take proper measures in facing this challenge. Various social, cultural and political-economic aspects influenceRead M oreInternational Law And National Levels2501 Words   |  11 Pagesthe obligation tending to be difficult. In the same vein, Different bodies have likewise taken an enthusiasm for the ecological difficulties confronting the globe, Including the European Union ( EU ) and the World Bank, to name however a couple. The author of this essay will examine international law’s response to addressing the challenges posed by environmental concerns. Moreover, the author will provide a critical analysis of the sources of international environmental law and the mechanisms forRead MoreEssay about Tesla Motors1688 Words   |  7 PagesIn this day in age consumers worldwide have increased their knowledge and sensitivity about its environment. Numerous companies have catered to this need of becoming more environmentally responsible by offering products that are â€Å"green† or environmentally friendly. This new growth amongst people and organizations alike of becoming more environmentally conscious has created an opportunity for Tesla Motors with its brand of product. Tesla Motors produces and sells fully electric cars as well as electricRead MoreOutlook 2015 For The Ict Sector1588 Words   |  7 Pagesget increasingly integrated and embedded into our everyday environment. By becoming connect ed and intelligent, today s ICT systems evolve to cyber-physical systems. ICT gained importance in almost all mainstream sectors of economy, this represent a great opportunity by resolving not only host of social issues—providing more efficient management of social infrastructure but also tackling other social issues like education, environment, etc. The long-standing ICT devices were linked to our SmartphonesRead MoreGreen Incentives in Malaysia3216 Words   |  13 PagesEnvironmental sustainability is gaining much focus in the recent years as people are beginning to strive for a balance between economic growth and sustainability. In fact, many developed countries such as UK, Japan have implemented strict environmental policies to enhance the quality on the environment and to preserve the sustainability of its resources. It is viewed that Malaysia’s effort has been marginal in achieving effective management of resources, pollution control and prevention of environmentalRead MoreMagdoff and Foster Were Right on 1973 Words   |  8 Pagespollution is enough to make the citizens stay inside for the day, as we here in Colorado might for a snow day. The sights witnessed there is sound evidence that support Magdoff and Fosters argument that capitalism is the primary driving force behind environmental degradation. An explorati ve journalistic piece by NBC’s 60 minutes Lesley Stahl, revealed that there are currently multi-billion dollar cities being built in China that are completely vacant. China’s massive economic growth can be attributed to

The Role of Eco-Entrepreneurship Education in Forming a...

AN ESSAY ON THE ROLE OF ECO-ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION IN FORMING A MORE SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS AND FUTURE LOCAL ECONOMIC GROWTH What is Global warming? What does it cause? How does it affect us? My essay will talk about the current climate change which we are experiencing today. We have to face the challenges of climate change because climate change is real, and global problems are now experienced in all parts of the world. We cannot escape mother nature’s wrath from every natural resources abused from throwing small candy wraps in streets to our household garbage, from the pollution created by cars and big companies. Now every bits and pieces of the garbage are all coming back to us in the form of flood that clogged our drainage.†¦show more content†¦Innovation according to Steve Jobs distinguishes a leader and a follower because in innovation you create something new, it is different from an invention. Innovation is an insight or an idea that is original and useful and in-demand, it is something that nobody had done before and it meets the needs of the present. Innovation is usually a techn ology or it may be a process or a system that provides a solution to a problem. The importance of eco-entrepreneurs and innovative initiatives in the local communities of America could be the best prevention if it may not be a complete cure. Eco-entrepreneurs are those people who can identify opportunities in the midst of an economic downturn. They are creating a sustainable business and they conduct their business with love and respect to our Earth and its people. Eco-entrepreneurs have a long term goal and they want a sustainable business. An example of eco-entrepreneurs in the United States today, according to Majora Carter (2010) in her talk on Ted there are three existing eco-entrepreneurs in the Unites States of America today, for example our first eco-entrepreneur to create a new innovation that could start the change in smaller communities is based in Chicago, Brenda-Palms-Barber, CEO of Sweet Beginning, who is a manufacturer of honey-based skin care products but aside from her eco-friendly products her company’s real ministry is to train and employ ex-convicts who wants anShow MoreRelatedTourism and the Environment Essay3914 Words   |  16 Pagesfive mentality have in the past years contributed to the degradation of the environment and harassment of wildlife. Thanks to the Eco-tourism concept which has been championed by the tourist destinations globally with a view to changing the big five mammal mentality and developing other environmentally friendly types of tourism. Eco- tourism is thus an important concept in tourism development. The latter incorporates a strong commitment to nature and a sense of socialRead MoreSwot Analysis : Chipotle Mexican Grill8386 Words   |  34 Pagesmajority of these functions overlap and involve one another and team members need to work together. That is when teamwork comes in handy. Without teamwork many of the largest projects could not be complete and possible. They are an essential part of business. Chipotle Mexican Grill has a unique approach to their operations. The way the restaurant is laid out is an important part of the restaurant’s operational system and is also what sets them apart from other fast food restaurants. When the customerRead MoreStrategy Management18281 Words   |  74 Pages Strategic Management CONCEPTS CASES FRANK T. ROTHAERMEL Georgia Institute of Technology rot12737_fm_i-xlvi.indd iii 17/11/11 7:37 PM Confirming Pages STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: CONCEPTS AND CASES Published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin, a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10020. Copyright  © 2013 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this publication may be reproducedRead MoreTan Sri Lim Goh Tong Biography7572 Words   |  31 Pageswith a net worth estimated to be 4.2 billion USD, making him the 204th richest person in the billionaire list compiled by Forbes. And to his admirers, he was more than just a developer, personifying the clutch of overseas Chinese business entrepreneurs who fled hardship in their homeland to build the corporate empires that played a major role in South-east Asias economic boom. He is a model of success, starting from scratch, and his achievements came through hard work. Tan Sri Lim, who hailedRead MoreTan Sri Lim Goh Tong Biography7565 Words   |  31 Pageswith a net worth estimated to be 4.2 billion USD, making him the 204th richest person in the billionaire list compiled by Forbes. And to his admirers, he was more than just a developer, personifying the clutch of overseas Chinese business entrepreneurs who fled hardship in their homeland to build the corporate empires that played a major role in South-east Asias economic boom. He is a model of success, starting from scratch, and his achievements came through hard work. Tan Sri Lim, who hailed fromRead MoreSkills and Personality Traits of Successful Project Managers5150 Words   |  21 Pagesat best there are guidelines that one can look to for help. This paper provides an overview of project management, and what skills, abilities, and personality traits it takes to be a successful project manager. We illustrate that a project manager role is not suited for everyone, but for those interested in pursuing the career there are skills and abilities that one can develop which will increase job satisfaction. For instance, you must know the ins and outs of all of your team members as well asRead MoreStarbucks Study15613 Words   |  63 Pagesï » ¿Starbucks - international business concept and Starbucks in Germany von: Peter Strehle Table of Contents 1 Introduction 1 2 Starbucks’ International strategies 3 2.1 Competitive Forces 3 2.2 Entry Strategies 7 2.3 Success factors 11 2.4 Problems of globalisation 12 3 Starbucks in Germany 14 3.1 German Coffee Market 14 3.1.1 Coffee Shop trend 14 3.1.2 Coffee - unquestioned front runner in the beverage consumption of the Germans 14 3.2 Starbucks’ Joint VentureRead MoreQuestions On Confidential And Proprietary9361 Words   |  38 PagesFinancial Market Conducts Act 2013 (FMCA)) to a group of persons which complies with the exclusion for â€Å"small offers† under clause 12 of schedule 1 of the FMCA; and †¢ an offer to selected â€Å"wholesale investors† (as defined in the FMCA) and â€Å"close business associates† or â€Å"relatives† (as defined in the FMCA). The only persons who may subscribe for shares under this Information Memorandum in New Zealand are persons to whom disclosure under Part 3 of the FMCA is not required. To the extent that theRead MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 Pages978-0-273-73557-1 (printed) ISBN: 978-0-273-73552-6 (web) ï £ © Pearson Education Limited 2011 Lecturers adopting the main text are permitted to download and photocopy the manual as required. Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England and Associated Companies around the world. Visit us on the World Wide Web at: ---------------------------------This edition published 2011  © Pearson Education Limited 2011 The rights of Gerry Johnson, Richard Whittington andRead MorePhilippine Industrialization21081 Words   |  85 Pagesbe weak. Expenditures on RD are low and linkages between stakeholders are not strong. There are firms that have undergone upgrading in terms of introduction of new goods, upgrading of machineries, and opening of new markets but they tended to rely more on their in-house capabilities probably due to inadequate support from the government’s institutional infrastructure and financial system, which came out from the estimation results. The agglomeration strategies that are currently being pursued in

Business Economics For Uk Housing Market

Question: Describe about the Business Economics For Uk Housing Market? Answer: Introduction The important role in the economy of the UK is played by the housing market. The influence that the housing market has on the economic growth, financial stability and the transmission mechanism of the monetary policy is inevitable. The purchase of the house in any country involves a large portion of the household income which draws the importance of the housing market in the lives of the people. One of the striking characteristic of the housing market in the economy of the UK is its volatility. During the last two decades, the UK economy had witnessed two crucial booms and busts in the housing market. (, 2015) Mark Carney who is the governor of the Bank of England has exhibited concern relating to the housing market and the recent boom that it experienced in an interview at the Skys Murnaghan Show. The biggest threat that the UK economy is about to face is the huge expansion in the UK housing market. This can restrict the recovery of the UK economy. The main reason behind the hike in the price of the houses is the shortage of houses in the country. This can be handled if the banks become conscious when they sanction loans and mortgages to the individuals and make sure that they are in a position to repay them back. (E-Residentials | Online Estate Agent, 2014) Reasons For Changes In The Housing Market: There are numerous factors that influence the price of the housing market. Some of the reasons are discussed below: (Pettinger, 2011) Economic Growth- the commodity house is characterized by positive elasticity of income. This implies that as the income of the individuals increase, there is a rise in the purchasing power enabling them to purchase houses. The Economy of UK has witnessed GDP growth in the third quarter of 2014 which ranked the country as the fastest growing G7 economy in spite of the economic slowdown. . (Allen, 2014) The chart reveals that over the two years there has been growth in the GDP which ensures that people now have increased income and are able to purchase houses. The demand for houses thus increased causing a situation of excess demand in the housing market which raised its price. Money, 2013) Unemployment- since the economy of the UK has depicted GDP growth over the years, then it is quite obvious that the rate of unemployment have declined and the employment increased in the country to 73%. This again implies people with increased income, driving the demand for the house and thus increasing the price of the houses. (Monaghan and Inman, 2014) We can see that there is a steep decline in the unemployment rate in the UK from January 2014 to January 2015 except for few months when the rate was stable at 6%. This implies that income increased and an excess demand for houses hiked the prices. Rate of Interest- the rate of interest were believed to be stable throughout year 2014 at about 0.5% which is regarded to be quite low. This gave the consumer confidence regarding their mortgage payments as the low interest rate lessened the mortgage payments. . (BBC News, 2014) This stable interest rate in the economy of the UK enables the citizens to buy houses and raise the demand for the houses and thereby increasing the price of the houses. Consumer Confidence- the consumer confidence regarding the purchase of the houses depends on the expectation of the rise or fall in the price of the house. Availability of mortgages- there was an increase in the availability of the mortgage loans. The low deposit norms of the banks enabled the rise of the mortgage loans according to the BoE. This increased the house demand and thus increasing in the price. (The Guardian, 2014) Supply- there is always a shortage of houses in the UK. The ever increasing population of the country increased the demand for houses but the availability of the houses could not satisfy the demand creating a situation of excess demand in the economy which drives up the prices. . (Inman, 2015) Factors That Affect The Price: The main factors that affect the price of the houses is the demand and supply mechanism of the housing market. From the diagram we can see that as the demand for houses increased there is a situation of excess demand in the economy which will eventually raise the price of the house. But the determinants of the demand and supply are influenced by the macroeconomic and microeconomic factors. Let us analyze the macro and micro factors which affect the pricing of the houses. (Tan, 2015) (, 2015) Macroeconomic Factors: 1. Population Growth- As the population of the country increased over the years, the housing market feels the pressure and the shortage of houses along with the increased population aggravate the rise in the price of the houses. The Malthusian theory states that the population increases at a geometric rate and a small change in the population would not enable the new entrants to accommodate houses in the economy. It can be seen that over the years there has been substantial growth in the population in the UK which increased the demand for houses and thus increased the prices. (, 2015) 2. Employment and wage growth- as the employment in the UK increased, the rate of increase in wage also increased which gave the consumers the confidence to demand and purchase new houses. This causes a situation of excess demand which finally raised the price of the houses. (Galor and Weil, 2000) 3. Financing properties- the banks and the policies taken by the government relaxed the facilities for acquiring the mortgage and loans in the market. This enabled the individuals to have smooth access to the mortgage and loans. Thus the approvals to the mortgage increased and gave the individuals the power to purchase houses thereby increasing the price. 4. Land scarcity- the population growth always exerted pressure on the housing market. This created a pressure on the land availability. With the increase in the population, the land resource became scarce which caused excess demand and drove the price up. (McGrath, 2014) 5. Exchange rate- the depreciation in the exchange rate caused the foreign buyers of houses to face an increased price and appreciation of the domestic caused the opposite and lowered the price. Microeconomic Factors: 1. Location and amenities- the availability and the access of the highways, roads, railways, shopping malls, hospitals, school increase the intrinsic value of the houses. This causes the prices of the houses to increase. A proper analysis of the location of the house can well influence the price of the houses. If the house is located in a not so attractive area then the buyer would not agree to render high price for the house. 2. Government planning- government formulates policies and plans for the improvement of certain areas which enhances the values of the houses. This can influence or raise the price of the houses. 3. Building style- the architectural styles of a particular house increases the value of the houses. A good structured and design of the houses can raise the price of the houses. 4. Tastes and preferences- the preference of the individuals to purchase a house in the countryside or under the mountains or near a river can raise the price of the houses in those locations. Thus we see that the macro and the micro factors influence the pricing decisions of the housing market. But the relevance of the macroeconomic factor is important in this regard and the influence of the microeconomic factors cannot be ignored. Challenges: The major challenges of the housing market are the shortage of houses in the UK. The demand and supply of the houses influence the prices of a house. The increased demand for houses due to the GDP growth, Population Growth, unemployment rate reduction causes a situation of excess demand which raises the price of the market. Thus it is necessary for the government ot take actions against the rise in the price of the housing market. (, 2015) (UK Parliament, 2015) Conclusion: The report suggests the concern of the governor of the BoE Mark Carney about the downfall of the economy due to the booming housing market in the UK. The rise in the price is mainly due to the shortage of houses in the country as a result of increased population. Measures should be taken by the government to increase the supply of houses to the house builders who will get the incentive to build houses. This will drive out the shortage of supply houses in the UK restoring the economic situation of the country. in this regard the macroeconomics factors play a crucial role in stabilizing the prices of the housing market. (Galati, Teppa and Alessie, n.d.) (White, 2014) References All sources of the charts are taken from Allen, K. (2014). UK on track to be fastest growing G7 economy despite slowdown.The Guardian. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Feb. 2015]. BBC News, (2014).Rates 'to stay at 0.5% this year'. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Feb. 2015]., (2015).UK house prices. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Feb. 2015]. E-Residentials | Online Estate Agent, (2014).E-Residentials | Online Estate Agent. 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